About Inuka Africa


We leverage the power of art and multimedia as tools of intervention and advocacy on issues of gender equality, Climate action, Good health and the Environment. Towards this, Inuka Afrika uses compelling visual storytelling techniques in creating awareness and documenting evidence data stories within African communities as means to empower young women and youth through the intergenerational dialogue of indigenous knowledge.

Our approach is the use of art and the combination of text, still photographs, video clips, audio and graphics to tell factual stories in a compelling way to accelerate sustainable development and innovation.

Who we are


To use the power of art and visual communication as a tool of intervention and fostering development within African communities.


Developed Artistic African Communities.


Authentic | Reliable | Transparen (ART)

Our Objectives

To research compelling stories on gender equality, climate action, good health, the environment and climate change at the county level. ..

What we do

Our team

We are a robust group of dedicated, hard-working, committed, and knowledgeable youth composed of communications experts, legal minds and environmentalists who firmly believe that women and youth in Africa have what it takes for equitable socio-economic development.

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Our Gallery

" Our objective is to build and advance the intergenerational dialogue on indigenous knowledge of gender equality, climate action, good health and the environment."

Winfred Masinde / Lead coordinator